How Does House Clearance Work?

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House clearance can be an effective way to eliminate unwanted items and make room for new ones. However, it isn’t just a matter of throwing out rubbish – understanding the process and costs involved is key to ensuring success. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about house clearance, including:

  1. How Does House Clearance Work?
  2. The Process of House Clearance: From Start to Finish
  3. House Clearance Costs Breakdown
  4. The Economics Behind House Clearance Costs
  5. How Much Does House Clearance Cost in the UK?
  6. Small vs Large House Clearance Costs
  7. Specific Cost of A House Clearance
  8. Understanding Hoarded House Clearance Service Cost
  9. Why Licenced House Clearance Companies Matter?
  10. What To Look For When Getting Quotes
  11. Hiring Contractors to Clear a House Checklist
  12. Ways to Save Money on House Clearance
  13. Can My Cleared Items Be Sold?
  14. How Long Does It Take to Clear a House?

By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll better understand how house clearance works and the costs involved. You’ll also know how to get the most out of your clearance budget and save time and money. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

How Does House Clearance Work?


House clearance typically involves various tasks, including sorting, packing, hauling, and disposing of items. It usually begins with an initial assessment by the house clearance company to determine the scope of work and estimate the cost.

This process includes surveying the entire house and any additional areas, like the garden, house and garage clearance, that may require clearance. The house clearance specialists would consider the property’s size, the volume of items to be cleared, and any specific requirements, such as the removal of hazardous waste or large furnishings.

The house clearance team will then carefully sort and pack the items for disposal. Depending on their nature, these can be recycled, donated to charity, or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly fashion. After that, the company will arrange for the transportation and final disposal of all cleared items. This could involve loading them onto a truck and taking them to a recycling centre or a landfill for proper disposal.

The whole house clearance process could take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the size of the property and the amount of items that need to be cleared.

The Process of House Clearance: From Start to Finish

The house clearance process typically involves several stages. First, the house clearance specialists will assess the property and estimate how long it will take to complete the job. This assessment helps in determining the average house clearance cost.

Then, they’ll begin sorting through items, separating those with resale value from general household waste. This can be a meticulous task, especially if the furnished house purchased is densely packed.

Once everything has been sorted, the house clearance company will pack the items into boxes or bags for disposal. If there are large items such as furniture or appliances, they might require a full van load or even a large van load. The professionals may also offer house clearance services like garage clearance and garden clearance, adding to the tasks.

House Clearance Costs Breakdown

The costs for house clearances are calculated based on several factors. These include the volume of items (measured in van loads), the time it takes to clear the house, and any additional fees for particular tasks like carpet cleaning or dealing with hazardous waste.

When hiring a house clearance company, it’s important to consider the scale of the job. For instance, a small house clearance prices are around £100 – £400, while a larger job could cost up to £1,500. These prices often account for factors like skip-hire costs and the disposal of general household waste.

Moreover, the location of the property can also impact the final cost. For example, house clearance prices in London tend to be higher, with an average price of around £1500 – £3000 + VAT for a typical three-bedroom house.

The Economics Behind House Clearance Costs

As mentioned earlier, house clearance costs depend on various factors. The cost of a house clearance is determined by the supply and demand of the service in a particular area. When more customers seek out house clearances, most companies raise their prices due to the increased demand. On the other hand, when fewer people request house clearances, they may offer discounts or lower their prices.

Let’s break it into a simple economic equation:

Supply (of services) + Demand (for services) = House Clearance Costs

Additionally, the type of clearance service and how much waste needs to be removed can affect house clearance prices. For example, if you’re looking for a full house clearance package that includes additional services, then you can expect to pay more additional fees.

Finally, the property’s location is another variable that impacts the costs. House clearance services tend to cost more in metropolitan areas such as London due to higher demand and higher disposal fees. However, if your house clearance is located in a rural area, then you may be able to find cheaper services due to lower demand and transportation costs.

How Much Does House Clearance Cost in the UK?


House clearance costs in the UK vary greatly, depending on factors such as:

  • The property size
  • The volume of items to be cleared
  • The region

According to local clearance specialists, the cost of a house clearance can range from £150 for smaller house clearances to over £3000 for larger properties.

But remember, specific costs of a house clearance are often related to the type of item being removed. For instance, clearance items like furniture or appliances may command higher fees due to their size and disposal requirements. A professional house clearance service will typically provide a quote based on a ‘full van load’ or by the hour.

To understand it more, let’s make a cost comparison in different regions:

  • London and the South East: Prices here are generally higher due to increased labour and disposal costs. Expect to pay between £500 – £3,000.
  • Midlands and the North: House clearance costs are slightly lower in these regions, with average prices ranging from £300 – £800.
  • Scotland and Wales: These areas tend to have the most affordable rates, ranging from £200 – £600.

Small vs. Large House Clearance Costs

When it comes to house clearance costs, size does matter. Generally speaking, larger properties require more effort and time to clear than smaller ones, so you can expect the prices to be higher.

For instance, a small house clearance costs anywhere from £100 – £400, whereas a larger property could cost up to £1,500 or more. Additionally, prices may be higher if the house is heavily cluttered or filled with large items.

On the other hand, small house clearances tend to be more affordable due to their size and the lesser amount of work required. These jobs typically involve cleaning out a single-room flat or clearing out an attic.

Moreover, large house clearance jobs may also include other services such as patio cleaning, shed clearing, and garage clearance. Be sure to check with the company you’re hiring for details about their services and pricing.

Specific Cost of A House Clearance

The cost of a house clearance depends on the type and volume of removed items. Here are some of the most common house clearance items and their associated costs:

Skip Costs

Skip hire is often used during house clearances to dispose of large amounts of waste. The cost of hiring a skip can vary depending on the size you need. For instance, a small skip may cost around £200, while a large skip could set you back anywhere between £600.

Garden Clearance costs

Garden clearance involves the removal of garden waste, such as grass cuttings, leaves, branches, and other green waste. The cost for this service can range from £250 to £800, depending on the size of the garden and the amount of waste to be cleared.

Labour Costs and Timescales

Labour costs are typically included in the total price quoted by a house clearance company. These costs can vary based on the complexity of the job and the time it takes. Usually, a small clearance might take 2-3 hours, while an extra-large clearance could take 2-3 days.

Carpet Cleaning Costs

If carpet cleaning is required as part of the house clearance, this will usually incur an additional cost. Professional carpet cleaning services in the UK can range from £25 for a single room to £200 for an entire property.

Hidden Costs

Hidden costs in a house clearance might include fees for the disposal of certain items due to waste disposal regulations. For example, items like mattresses and fridges often require special hoarded disposal methods and therefore might carry additional charges. It’s always best to check with your chosen clearance company about any potential hidden costs.

Understanding Hoarded House Clearance Service Cost


Hoarding and hoarded house clearances present a unique challenge that requires more care and attention than regular clearance jobs. The cost to clear a large amount of accumulated waste is often higher due to the additional labour, transportation costs, disposal fees, and specialist equipment needed for such jobs.

As mentioned earlier, certain items like mattresses may incur additional fees due to disposal regulations. Additionally, managing the health and safety risks associated with hoarding can also increase the cost of house clearances.

In some cases, psychological support may be necessary to help people who are suffering from compulsive hoarding disorder. This is why it’s important to choose a professional and experienced clearance company who have the skills and expertise needed for such complex jobs.

Why Licenced House Clearance Companies Matter?

The choice of house clearance company you make can have a huge impact on the cost and quality of service. It’s worth bearing in mind that some companies may not be legally licenced to carry out waste removal services, which could lead to additional fees and fines if the job is not completed properly.

It’s always best to work with a licenced company that has the right Waste Carrier Licence and a proven track record of successful house clearance jobs. Licenced companies also have access to specialist equipment and resources to remove hazardous items safely or those requiring special disposal methods.

So, by working with a licenced house clearance service, you can be sure that your job will be completed properly without any costly surprises.

What To Look For When Getting Quotes

Just getting a licenced company doesn’t guarantee the best value for money. When getting quotes, there are a few key things to consider:

  • The company’s level of experience and expertise
  • Any additional services included in the quote
  • The size of van/truck required for the job
  • How much will you need to pay for disposing of hazardous waste?
  • Are there any additional fees, such as labour costs or skip-hire?
  • Does the company offer any insurance coverage?
  • What payment methods are accepted?
  • Is it possible to negotiate a discount on the quoted price?

By looking out for these factors, you can make sure that you get the most accurate and cost-effective quote for your house clearance job. This will help ensure that your project runs smoothly and without any unexpected costs.

Hiring Contractors to Clear a House Checklist

When hiring a contractor house clearance provider for any clearance, there are certain questions that you should always ask. Here is a checklist of what you need to consider before making your decision:

  • Are the company and their staff licenced and insured?
  • What will be the cost of labour and disposal fees?
  • What services do they offer, and what is included in their quote?
  • How long will it take to complete the clearance job?
  • Are there any additional costs or charges that need to be taken into consideration?
  • Do they have the necessary experience and expertise for this type of job?
  • Are they able to provide references from previous customers?
  • What payment methods do they accept, and when will payment be required?
  • Do they have any guarantees or warranties on their services?

By asking these questions, you can ensure that the company you hire is reliable, experienced, and capable of providing a quality service. This will give you confidence that you’ve chosen the right clearance company for the job.

Ways to Save Money on House Clearance

You’ve done this right by researching and asking questions to find the best house clearance company. However, you can also follow these tips to help reduce costs and save house clearance costs in an effective way:

  1. Reusing/Repurposing – Wherever possible, look for ways to upcycle or repurpose existing items rather than throwing them away. For example, furniture can be refurbished or reupholstered, while broken items can be used for DIY projects.
  2. Reduce Waste – Look at ways to reduce the amount of waste produced by a clearance job. This could mean breaking down large items into smaller parts or donating and recycling as much as possible.
  3. Donate Items – If you have some usable items that don’t fit in with your new decor, consider donating them to charity or giving them away for free online. This will mean that they don’t end up in landfill, and someone else can benefit from them.
  4. Compare Quotes – Before hiring a company, get quotes from several different providers and compare their prices and services offered. Make sure you check what is included in the quote, as there may be additional costs for certain services.
  5. Negotiate Prices – Ask the company if there is any room to negotiate prices and see if you can get a discount or extra services included in the quote. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  6. Check Insurance Coverage – If something unexpected happens during the clearance, such as damage to property or injury to workers, it’s important that you are covered. Make sure the clearance company has adequate insurance coverage and enquire about what is included in their policy.

By doing so, you can save money on your house clearance costs without compromising on quality or safety.

Can My Cleared Items Be Sold?

Yes, your cleared household items can be sold if they are in good condition. Some house clearance providers also offer services that can help to sell the items on your behalf and return the proceeds back to you. Alternatively, you could look into selling them online or through second-hand stores or markets. This is an effective way to reduce costs while also making sure those items don’t go to waste.

However, it’s important to remember that this service may incur additional fees or costs. It’s worth checking with your provider to see what options are available before committing to a house clearance job.

How Long Does It Take to Clear a House?

The time it takes to clear a house can vary depending on the size of the property and the number of items that need to be cleared. Generally, small houses may take just a few hours, while larger homes with more furniture and belongings could take days or even weeks to clear completely.

So, it’s important to discuss your timeline expectations with your provider before hiring them for the job. This will ensure that your job is completed within the necessary timeframe, and you can move on with the other plans for your property.

Our Suggestion About Reliable House Clearance Company


Let’s wrap it all up! When it comes to house clearance, there are several important factors to consider. While taking the time to compare different providers, check reviews, and negotiate prices can help you get a more cost-effective quote, it’s also important to ensure that you hire a reliable and experienced provider with adequate insurance coverage.

To minimise risk and ensure the job is done right, we recommend hiring dedicated house clearance providers like ours, Clear It Out. We offer a wide range of services, are experienced in the field, and ensure that all our staff is insured and licenced. Plus, we provide a full list of services in your quote, so there are no hidden fees or costs.

Get in touch with us today to get started with the best house clearance service in the UK! We look forward to assisting you with your project.

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