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Looking for a reliable solution to clear out your house? Don’t worry, Clear It Out is here to help. We are your local clearance specialists and provide you with hassle-free services.

Wondering why we’re the best choice? Well, because we are not an average clearance company. As fully licenced waste carriers, we take responsibility for disposing of your items appropriately and ensure they are handled in an eco-friendly manner. Our impeccable track record speaks for itself. Check out our impressive rating of 4.98 out of 5 on, which proves that our customers trust us time and time again.

No need to worry anymore. We have the expertise to handle clearing out your loft, basement, garden, or garage.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable house clearance in Bexley, Clear It Out is a perfect choice. Let us help you clear and organise your space without any hassle. Contact us now for a free online quote, or give us a call at 020 8050 5832. Our friendly team is always available to assist you regarding your house clearance needs.


Bexley House Clearance

Tidying up and getting rid of clutter can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself. It’s easy to accumulate a lot of unnecessary possessions over the years, and before you know it, your house is full of junk.

Attempting house clearance, yourself is not only time-consuming but dangerous. However, rubbish clearance is necessary for a happy and healthy home.

That’s where Clear It Out comes in. We offer professional house clearance in the Bexley area and take care of everything for you. We’re experts in rubbish and house clearance, so we know exactly how to get rid of your unwanted belongings quickly and efficiently.

Professional House Clearance Services

Clear It Out specialises in removing a variety of waste and rubbish regardless of the reason. Whether you’re moving house, end of tenancy or you would like particular areas of your home cleared, we’re here to do the job. Our service extends to all parts of your home or office including gardens, lofts and garages.

Our services are endless and there is no job too large for us. Our friendly team are passionate about waste clearance and are ready to dispose of your rubbish so you don’t have to. You can feel safe knowing we are handling your possessions on your property as we take special care when lifting and removing rubbish.

You can trust our expert team to treat your possessions and property with care while clearing out your home. With 24-hour service, Clear It Out are here for you whenever you need us.


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Clear It Out offer sustainable and eco friendly clearance services, junk disposal and more all over London.
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Why Choose Us

Clearing out your own property can be expensive and time-consuming which is why you may need to hire professional help. Clear It Out is the best option for your rubbish removal as we are sure to get the job done hassle-free.

Efficient Clearance Service – You probably have many other important tasks to get on with and you don’t have time to remove the waste in your home. That’s why you should get in get in touch with us. Our efficient team will clear out your home quickly and concisely so you can get on with your day clutter-free.

Cost-effective – Compared to skip rental, the cost of our house clearing and rubbish removal service is more flexible. We understand that waste comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike other clearance services, Clear It Out takes this into account before charging you.

Eco-friendly – now more than ever, we need to look out for our environment. We take advantage of every recycling opportunity and have successfully achieved a 100% landfill diversion rate on many of our contracts. Our trusted team will categorize and segregate your rubbish with sustainability in mind.

Clear It Out Pricing


House clearance is a service that involves removing unwanted items from a property, which ensures a clean and organised space. If you need this service, you can contact us by phone or fill out the form on our website. Once we know what you need, we will provide you with a free quote.

If you are happy with the price, we will then arrange a clearance time that works for you. By this time, our team will come to your place to clear the specified areas by handling everything from sorting to disposal. Our service is designed to be smooth and stress-free for you so that you can enjoy your cluttered home effectively.

House clearance prices can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the property, the amount of stuff to be cleared, and if you require any additional services. Generally, for small clearances that involve only one or two items, the price starts at £90. However, if you’re clearing out a one-bedroom flat, the cost is typically between £400 to £800. On the other hand, large house clearance can cost around £800 to £1500+ on average.

So, to get an accurate estimate design for your specific needs, please contact us at 020 8050 5832. We’re happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and provide a precise quote.

Clear It Out provides house clearance services in all the areas of Bexley. We guarantee that the residents in and around the city can rely on us for efficient and reliable services. Whether you’re in Blackfen or Sidcup, we are here to assist you with your house clearance needs.

Because we provide exceptional house clearance services that come with numerous benefits, we have a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent service. Moreover, our top priority is your satisfaction. Therefore, we guarantee transparency in pricing, convenient scheduling, and responsible disposal practices. With Clear It Out, you can trust us to handle the job with precision.

Another benefit of choosing us is that we use modern tools and methods to ensure that everything is done smoothly and safely. We also care about the environment. Thus, when we remove your unwanted items, we do so in an eco-friendly manner. We recycle or dispose of materials responsibly to help make the world cleaner and greener.

All in all, by choosing Clear It Out, you’re not just cleaning up your place, but you’re also making a positive impact on the environment.

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The more information we have about the clearance you require the better we can advise on cost timings etc. Information that would benefit us includes deadlines you are working to, is the property cluttered?, are the items within the property suitable for reuse or will they all need to be recycled/disposed of.

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