House Clearance & Rubbish Removal in Camberwell

Clear It Out offers residential and commercial house clearance and rubbish removal in Camberwell, the Greater London area, and all the way to Surrey.

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Rubbish Removal in Camberwell

Clear It Out has earned a great reputation across London for our efficiency, flexibility and trustworthiness as professional house clearance and rubbish removal service providers. When you hire us, we guarantee the following benefits:

Cost-Efficient – unlike a skip hire service, rubbish removal is more flexible in terms of loads and costs. While the former will require you to pay for a full load regardless of the amount of waste you produce, we have implemented a minimum load rate that starts at £ 90/up to 250kg for a quarter van load.

Same Day Pick-up – regular rubbish removal is necessary to ensure the overall cleanliness and organisation of your property. The prolonged accumulation of waste on your property can result in health hazards. Additionally, if rubbish is left outside, wild animals are likely to go through it. All of these pose risks to the health and safety of the people that frequent your property. At Clear It Out we have a same day pick-up scheme that works to prevent these situations.

5-Star Service – Clear It Out understands that each client has different needs. This is why our rubbish removal service in Camberwell can be customised to your specifications. Whether you require our tradesmen to visit your property on a daily or weekly basis, we will make the proper adjustments for you.

Better Waste Management – rubbish comes in different varieties that range from food waste to non-perishable items. The segregation of this refuse can be difficult, especially for those that are still unsure of the different classifications. With Clear It Out, you no longer have to worry about this problem. Our removal service does not require you to segregate your rubbish beforehand. We will take responsibility for the task to ensure that your refuse is responsibly divided for recycling purposes.

Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal – part of our removal service is the responsible disposal of your refuse. We take waste segregation seriously to reduce the amount that goes to landfills. As a fully licensed carrier of the Environment Agency, we recover any material that can be upcycled. In addition to this, we help businesses comply with waste disposal regulations through our segregation process.

Professional Removal Specialist – at Clear It Out, we take pride in our role as waste removal specialists. We strive to deliver in accordance with Checkatrade’s standards of expertise, professionalism, transparency, and timeliness. As a result, we have earned a 9.85 rating out of a possible 10.


The Camberwell Clearance Experts

Do you need help in clearing out your house? Clear It Out is here to make your Camberwell home spic and span.

We are a house clearance company trusted by homeowners, landlords and business owners in London and the South East. Our team of experts are passionate about helping you have a hassle-free, mess-free and eco-friendly clearance process.

Clearing out rubbish from your property can be troublesome, dangerous and risky. Hiring a waste removal company allows you to clear out your property without the hassle but with peace of mind.

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Rubbish removal service providers know the proper disposal techniques for different kinds of wastes. They can save you from potential health and legal risks associated with improper waste disposal, while freeing up your time so you can focus on more important tasks.

At Clear It Out, we offer outstanding services at reasonable and transparent rates. For any enquiries or quotation requests, fill out our contact form or call 0800 779 7734.


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