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Clear it Out offers 24-hour house clearance services in Wimbledon. We offer same-day fixed-price quotes and are licensed by the Environment Agency.

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House Clearance and Rubbish Removal in Wimbledon

Clear it Out provides expert rubbish and house clearance services in Wimbledon. We ensure that our service gives customers the utmost convenience and offer same-day fixed-price quotes and 24-hour service. Our services include:

  • House Clearance
  • Office Clearance
  • Clearance of Pubs, Bars, Cafes
  • Clearance Work for housing associations
  • Factory Clearance
  • Ongoing Waste Collections for Businesses and organisations
  • End of Tenancy Clearance
  • Storage Clearance
  • Warehouse Clearance
  • Shop Clearance
  • Clearance work on behalf of Solicitors and Estate Agents

Why Choose Rubbish Removal Services over Skip Hires?

Our rubbish removal services in Wimbledon offer the following advantages:

All wastes are taken

For environmental and safety reasons, skip hire services can’t accept all types of waste so you are required to segregate your rubbish properly. But with us, there is no need to worry about what type of waste you have to dispose of. We’ll do all the sorting and take all the waste away.

Flexible load and costs

As skips are hired for an agreed number of days, their costs are set. So even if your trash doesn’t fill up the skip, you have to pay for the full load. Our rubbish clearance services, on the other hand, are more flexible and start at £ 90/up to 250kg for a quarter van load.

Waste cleared ASAP

We go to your property and clear out all the rubbish on the same day. This eliminates the need for you to worry that animals might go through your rubbish or that your skip if placed on the street, poses a risk to motorists and passersby.

We do all the work

No more sorting, heavy lifting, and repeated trips to the skip. Our professional and efficient team will take care of everything for you so you can focus on more important matters.

No skip permit needed

Placing your skip on the street requires a skip permit or license from your local council. To lessen your liability, you also have to place traffic cones around and reflective markings on the bin.

5-star Service

We offer complete rubbish clearance services in Wimbledon. Whether you require complete property contents clearing or simply need us to take a single item of old furniture, we deliver a 5-star service. We pride ourselves in being flexible, polite, efficient and reliable – the qualities that have earned us our reputation as well as repeat businesses and referrals.


Professional Clearing Services Are Discreet and Expose Nothing About You or Your Family

Another great reason to hire professionals for your house clearance is that you can be sure that they will be discreet about everything. If you tackle your own house clearance, this is not likely to be the case.

You could end up having to sell some items that belonged to your loved ones, which could be very distressing. However, a professional will not be at all interested in these items.

They will be discreet and expose nothing about you or your family. This means that you won’t have to worry about them asking you questions about some of the items that you may not want to answer. You can be sure that they will be discreet, and you can be confident that they will handle everything as sensitively as possible.

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You’ll know what to throw away and what to keep

During the process of house clearance, you will get to know what you want to throw away and what you want to keep. It is essential that you separate your unwanted items from those that are still useful.

Hiring professionals for house clearance needs will enable you to focus on the items that you want to keep without having to throw away the ones that you don’t need anymore. This can be a great way to declutter your home while still keeping sentimental items close by.

You’ll free up some much-needed space

If your belongings are taking up space in storage, taking them to a second-hand shop, or even giving them away to charity, you could be freeing up some much-needed space in your home.

When it comes to downsizing or if you are moving into a smaller home, you might need to get rid of some of your belongings.

Hiring professionals for house clearance needs means that you can get rid of excess items from your home without having to physically remove them yourself. Your house clearance team will be able to pack up the items that you want to get rid of and then take them away for you.


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